Coming Full Circle

When I started out as a graphic designer it was back in the early 1980s... the pre-Apple Mac era. I was using paste up boards, a waxer, letraset type and an art table. Apple McIntosh came along and Adobe Photoshop soon after and I've been creating digitally ever since. As a designer and creative writer, the t-shirt business seemed like a nice marriage of the two, along with some old school cut n' paste techniques when it comes to using heat transfer vinyl (HTV). These days I love meeting people by driving Uber and I create these shirts as a hobby that lets me keep my hand in what I love to do... create.

Have an idea? I can create/convert any text, logo, or photo into an HTV graphic. Just let me know and I’ll make it happen!

Custom T-Shirt Graphics Designed to Be as Unique as You • HTV artist

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I use heat transfer vinyl HTV to create custom t-shirts for any occasion. Whether it's song lyrics or sports icons or a family photo, I digitally convert it to a silhouette that can be cut and heat transferred onto a t-shirt or other garment. Have an idea for a shirt graphic, just send me a note and I'll create it!